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Movie Name : Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi

Release Date : 23rd December 2005


Overview :


Aditya Verma, fondly called Adi Chachu or Adi Uncle (Shahid Kapoor) by the children of his brothers(Adi has 2 brothers,one died in a plane crash along with his wife) lives in a large mansion in Mumbai with his other brother (Mohnish Behl) who has a drinking problem, sister-in-law, sister and grandmother. He is the only one working in the family. He falls in love with a tuition teacher, Piya (Amrita Rao). They confess their feelings to each other and plan to get married. However, while going to work to attend an important meeting, Adi is run over by a truck to save Parth (Parth Dave) and dies.

In afterlife, he meets the Hindu god of death, Yamraj (Sanjay Dutt), a kind-hearted, emotional deity with designer clothes and a red old car. On the saying of Adi, Yamraj allows Adi to go back to Earth as a ghost to stop his evil uncle (Prem Chopra) who wants to sell Adi’s mansion to industrialist Hirachand (Sharat Saxena). Adi enlists the aid of Shakti, a little boy who was being taken with Adi to heaven, in order to save his family home. They then reach at earth but no one can listen, see and feel them. They then meet Fakira bhai B.P.C.M (Arshad Warsi) who gives them power to touch humans as before they were not able to, then for his family Yamraj comes and gives him power to see his family for a couple of minutes before he takes the both of them back—Shakti and Adi. When Adi’s family see Adi, they ask Yamraj to take them as well, as they don’t want to live without Adi. Yamraj gets emotional and leaves him to stay with his family and the little boy Shakti also. Another day when the family members wake up they think that this was a bad dream but only Adi and Shakti know the truth, that they died and came back to life. A film actor and Yamraj’s lookalike, Sanjay Dutt offers to buy Adi’s property but Adi refuses to sell his property and lives happily with Piya and his family.

Belongs To : Bolly Kick

Language : Hindi


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